Buy with Confidence…Sell with Experience…

Buying Your Next Home

It’s Exciting, It’s Fun, and Scary all at the same time. When you buy your next home you need an Expert; you need me. I understand the current marketplace and how to maneuver through it.

When you find your dream home, you want to make sure your offer shows the seller you mean business. There are a few tricks to give you an upper hand. First, give the seller a substantial earnest money deposit, this shows the seller you are a serious buyer. Provide the seller with a letter from your lender indicating you are already qualified for the loan, so they should not be concerned about your financing. As your agent, I can help you write an offer that will give you the best chance possible of purchasing your dream home.

Buying a home and having a successful closing takes a well-orchestrated team. There are many people involved in the transaction that have specific tasks to complete. There is the title company, appraiser, inspector, surveyor, seller, lender, the realtors and you. Each of these parties has specific duties to perform or the dosing will not happen. My job as your agent is to make sure each party completes their job in a timely fashion so you can purchase your new home.

Buyer Agency… it is a Big Deal!

Buyer Agency, Transaction Brokerage, or Seller Agency. Who Really Represents You?

The days of a hand shake and a smile are gone, and good riddance to them. The old way of buying real estate was only good for the seller, because all the parties in the transaction were either a seller’s agent, or a seller’s sub agent. Simply put, the buyer had no representation whatsoever!

Representation has changed quite a bit over the years, and today we have Buyer Agency and Transaction Brokerage which affords the buyer a choice of how they want to be represented and the agent doesn't owe any allegiance to the seller.

In Buyer Agency, when you hire me as your agent, I am actually representing you and your best interests in the transaction. I become “Your” agent, your advocate. That means that I do not owe any duties or have any responsibilities to the seller. I can negotiate on your behalf without having to disclose any information about you to anyone, my allegiance is strictly to you, the buyer.

Transaction Brokers don’t represent anyone in the transaction and are hired to “facilitate” the transaction. In Transaction Brokerage, the agent you hire owes you the duty of fair and honest dealing. This allows the agent to gather all requested information about the home or the transaction and disclose that information to you, the buyer, in a timely manner. However, there is a drawback to Transaction Brokerage. In Transaction Brokerage the agent becomes a neutral party to the transaction and cannot give the buyer advice.

Which way should you choose to be represented? I would say that it depends on the circumstances.

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